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Step-by-step Guide To Sell Home Quickly

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Jack Ingles asked:

If you need to sell home quickly in order to survive the recession, all you need to do it implement a proven sales strategy. Forget about a real estate agent who will take $10,000 or more in commissions, you really should opt for a private sale. It”s easier than you think, and this article will help you get on your way to a solid sale within 3 weeks.

Step 1 – Get Multiple Opinions On House Value

This is important if you”re going to be confident in your price. If you”re even a little bit unsure you might be tempted to take offers that undercut your home”s true value. You need at least 2 professional opinions, as well as some from friends of family with home sale experience.

Step 2 – Paperwork

This is where the action starts. Check out the house selling rules at your local property authority. It really shouldn”t be too complicated. You might need to fill out some forms and check out tax info, like capital gains.

Step 3 – House Preparation

After you”re sure about the administration side of things, get to work on your house. You need to make sure any broken bits and pieces are fixed before you even think about showing prospective buyers around. Scrub the place down, give it a paint if necessary, and generally sex the place up!

HOT TIP – If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting fast, solid offers, consider a “home staging” technique. This basically means hiring expensive household items to give a posh look. You”ll be surprised how effective this can be.

Step 4 – Ad Placement

This is extremely important in order to sell home quickly using this strategy. You need to utilise as many forms of media as possible/affordable. Print media is an obvious choice, but don”t just stick to one. Also, make sure to use the internet to the full. There are many free places to advertise, and you”ll be surprised at how much international interest there is at the moment.

Make sure your ads are unique and exciting. Don”t follow the traditional rules of ad placement, like taking your price and merely adding $20,000 negotiation “space”. Be creative, be original, give readers a bit of a “wow, we HAVE to check that place out” feeling.

Step 5 – Showing Buyers Around

Honestly, if you”re going to sell your house as fast as possible, I”d recommend a mass showing complete with wine and cheese. Why? Well, it will get everyone in at the same time, and give a solid impression of high interest. This works great if your asking price is reasonably low, since people will bid above the line in the face of (seemingly) strong competition.

If you need to sell home quickly, you can check out an extremely detailed 3 week sales plan at this Sold In 21 Days site now. Good luck!

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