Sell Home Quick By Modernizing Your Sales Methods

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Jack Ingles asked:

I’m not being funny when I say that it’s possible to sell home quick, and for a good price too. Despite the bad economy, there are still masses of buyers out there who are looking for a nice place to live. All you need to do is use a sales strategy that takes the current financial environment into account, then work hard at executing it as best you can.

So, what sales strategy is best? Well, it’s quite possible to have your house gone in 21 days with a solid advertising campaign. Getting a good price on the other hand is not so easy. In fact, today’s buyers are very aware of the kind of desperation home owners are going through to sell their homes, and you might even encounter a few who offer significantly less money than the actual worth of your property. Don’t let this happen to you!

The absolute first step to selling your home quick is to form a confidence in your asking price. Get a third-party valuer in to have a look around and make some recommendations. You want to go for something in the top end, and be prepared to stick to your guns for the next couple of weeks. Confidence is key in the current market.

Next you need to strike up a good, original advertising campaign. When I say campaign, I don’t mean that you have to spend money like they do on an election campaign! The internet provides you with plenty of free and inexpensive options, as do your local print media publications. Be creative in your advertising, and try to drum up a sense of excitement and optimism about your house.

Make sure that any ads you place avoid phrases like “this will sell fast, act now”, and “price is negotiable”. Doing this in the current circumstances is practically begging for an undervalued offer.

You will quickly get a lot of callers if you advertise properly. Here comes the tough part – presentation. The basic idea is to make the place clean and tidy, and also try to portray a sense of extreme confidence, especially when the conversation gets on to the topic of money.

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