How to Sell Home Fast to Avoid Repossession and Even Stay in the Property as a Tenant

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Need to Sell Home Fast to Avoid Repossession is This Possible? Yes All You Need to Do Is.

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Charles J Edwards asked:

If you find your self needing to sell your home fast in order to avoid repossession then you will be pleased to hear that there is a solution possible for you even in today”s difficult property market.

If your in mortgage arrears and are facing repossession then you may be inclined to go to an estate agent in order to sell you property fast and settle your outstanding debts.

This of course is a possible solution, thought it may not be quick enough to save you from repossession if you are at or close to 3 months arrears with your mortgage. The other problem of course is that you would have to leave your house and solutions do exist that allow you to live in your property.

Sell And Rent Back

the basic the idea behind the sell and rent back solution is simple, even if your days or hours away from being repossessed the company”s specialising in this field are able to review your circumstances have your property valued and give you casino jameshallison a quote their and then in cash that you can accept to sell your property this will allow you to immediately settle the outstanding balance and any fee”s interest and arrears you may have in connection with the property and then continue living the property as a tenant. This can be a very good option if your house is about to be taken away from you and save the hassle of having to find somewhere else to live

You will find the lenders more than willing to co-operate with you on one of these kinds of deals as the alternative of them having to evict you and repossess your property sell it quickly at auction for a devalued sum and then spend the rest of the time chasing you with legal action trying get the rest of the money owned that the house sale didn”t pay off is an expensive and time consuming process for them.

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