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Sales Strategy To Sell Home Now!

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You don”t need to wait months for your home to sell if you”re prepared to actively implement a strategy to sell home now. This is a recession, which means you”re going to have to put in a little bit extra to get a solid, fast sale. This article gives you a basic 3 week sales plan that will have your home sold in only 3 weeks.

Week 1 – Preparing Your Home & Tweaking Your Advertising Campaign

If you haven”t done so already, get your house it tip-top shape. This means repairs and generally sexing the place up. If you need to you can hire some upmarket furniture and plants to make it as attractive as possible. A quick paint job will also be useful. Make it impressive!

This week will also comprise of placing a few highly optimized advertisements both on the internet and in print media. You can advertise in as many places as you are comfortable with, but keep in mind that local papers and websites are often the best bet. Try to avoid “normal” sales copy that bores people to death. Be a salesperson and make it exciting!

Week 2 – Pampering Your Buyers & Presenting With Style

There is nothing more convincing to home buyers than meeting the slots online seller face to face. It builds trust and gives you an opportunity to “scope out” the other party. You need to try to give the impression of high confidence in both your property and your price. Don”t show any signs of desperation. People know that we”re in the middle of a recession, and they know that home owners are hurting.

As weird as it might sound, showing prospective buyers your house in the early evening generally relaxes the mood and allows for more casual exchanges. Don”t be afraid to get personal with them. After all, they”re the ones who want to move into your house!

Week 3 – Offers, Dropping The Price & Rejection

If you”ve placed effective ads and presented your home in style, by the third week you will be getting some serious offers. If not, you”re doing something wrong, or maybe just asking for too much money.

Be aware of buyers trying to undercut the true value of your home. Yes, this is a recession, but you don”t have to accept any bids that would have been considered a joke 6 months ago. Sometimes rejection is the way to go..

If you”re desperate to sell home now, check out this Sold In 21 Days website, which gives you access to a tried and tested strategy to sell your house in 21 days or less!

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