Real Estate?

March 17, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

Trice P asked:

Im a 22 yr old African American female from Tennessee planning to take real estate classes in the fall. I plan to go into the field and succede either way but just wanted to know some success tips from established agents, brokers, lenders, or anyone having to do with the real estate world. Also, willing to travel.

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2 Responses to “Real Estate?”
  1. Caffeinated Content

    stay out of the mainstream area;
    that is, listing houses for sale.

    become an exclusive buyer’s agent.
    Rep middle income and upper income
    black women as a niche.

    Also poke into doing commercial
    and industrial purchases.

    and maybe business brokerage

    plus, interview different agencies–
    most are Realtor focused; which
    means they take listings. YOU can
    choose not to do that via being
    an exclusive BUYER’s agent.
    [they don't sell RE--they help
    buyers buy, and that is a different

    plus u can find those offices that
    have 100% approaches [where
    the agent pays for desk space and
    does not split the commission.]

    available to help -though I am not
    in TN.

  2. Caffeinated Content

    Take your real estate classes but also take a basic accounting course, real estate law, any finance course and a course in public speaking. Don’t laugh, you will use all those courses through your career. Also start talking to various brokers and let them know you are taking classes. Whether taking college courses along with taking real estate classes from various real estate companies or independent real estate schools be aware of the market you are in. Also talk to lenders so you know some of what is needed for your buyers. Please learn about Title & Escrow as well. Once you hang your license make sure you become a Buyers agent first not a Sellers agent. When you start with buyers you will be learning along with your buyers some of the issues that can come up in a transaction. If you start on the Sellers side you will be on the losing end of every transaction as most seasoned agents know who is new, knows the contingencies that will let them get out of the contract and you will be left standing holding the bag.

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